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Saving Money: The Missing Link

A New Strategy
in Personal Financial Planning

' better thinking about how to save money '

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"Financial Literacy means a great deal to our Government,

and I commend you for furthering understanding in this field."

Canada's Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty (March 2012)

“Joe’s points are concise, on the mark, and oh, so important for our children to learn at an early age. I was so impressed by his account that I purchased 200 copies to distribute to my family, clients, and their children.”

J.W. - Registered Financial Planner (June 2012)

Forget Discipline,
Forget Sacrifice.
Grow Your Wealth

and Enjoy Another Latte
While Saving Money

This is the shortest book about saving money that you are ever likely to find. It may also be the most important.

Other financial planning books are useful in a limited way: they give you tips for saving money that work well if you already know how to save money.
Credit card tips, mortgage strategies and budgeting details won't be repeated here because they don't work for the majority. You can tell they don't work because they are widely known, and yet very few people save money to finance their retirement.

Instead, you will find the Missing Link to achieving your own savings and wealth. By working with your desires, you will find the true motivation to save money without fighting the natural instinct to enjoy yourself.

The method is clean and simple. You don't need any math skills or  financial planning knowledge because saving money does not depend on math or finance. It depends on the way you think about the money that already flows through your hands.

Buy the book, turn your thinking around, and Save Money.

You will enjoy this book if :

- you are between high school & retirement

- you find it difficult to save money

- you want to save money more quickly

How you will benefit from this book :

- learn how to Save Money and
enjoy it

- see how easy it is to avoid the Envy Trap

- build your Financial Planning strength

- learn why your Income doesn't matter

- learn why you don't need Discipline  to Save Money

- learn the difference between Being Frugal
 and really Saving Money

saving money, frugal, how to save money, tips on saving money, reduce spending, rrrsp

Here are the usual tips for saving money
(which you will not find here):

Be frugal.
Be cheap.
Hunt for bargains.
Clip coupons.
Comparison shopping.
Reduce debt.
Live simply.
Keep a budget.
Pay cash.
Stay home.
Just save money!

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